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About Us

Well before Bella Campania first opened its doors in Hillsdale NJ in 2002, chef Chris Tarta was focused on his goal of creating a premiere Italian restaurant that specializes in creating authentic, traditional food. Growing up in an Italian family, Chris knew that the only way to make this happen would be to do it just like his grandmother did -- by hand.

At Bella Campania, every dish is created by hand and in house in the traditional, old fashioned style that generations of Italians have grown up knowing -- and that doesn't just go for the dishes that we serve. It also goes for many of the ingredients that go into our dishes. If we can feasibly make something by hand, we do. We only bring raw products into the kitchen, and we start from there. We prepare our own sausage. We make homemade, fresh pasta and ravioli. We grind our own chopped meat for the meatballs. We make fresh Mozzarella cheese every day. And of course, we make our own sauces from special family recipies.

It's no secret that this practice takes lots of extra work plus an honest love for cooking, and it's this approach that that sets Bella Campania apart from so many other restaurants that simply lack the heart. It's been years since Bella Campania first opened it's doors, and though many things have changed, one thing has always stayed the same: The recipe for success that keeps customers returning always revolves around delicious, traditional hand-made Italian food prepared by people who truly care.

Homemade. Here at Bella Campania, it's not just a concept. It's a promise.